Discover how

our creative process works

1. Idea

Before starting the project, we analyse all of the information in depth in order to learn more about your business and achieve the goals you are looking for.



2. Script

Let’s get to work! We write the audio script based on the information gathered and your indications.

3. Storyboard and Graphics

Once the script is approved we design the graphics following your instructions. Once accepted, we send you a visual script of the video (Storyboard) so that you can get an idea of what the final result will be.



4. Sound and animation

Once the Storyboard is approved, the fun part starts: We bring your ideas to life! … We add voiceover, music, sound effects … and of course, the animations.

5. Project delivery

Once the complete draft is approved, we deliver the final result in Full HD. Now you can enjoy your video in full quality on any device.

Project Delivery

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