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Whiteboard animation has a special ability to establish an emotional bond with viewers through storytelling.

This technique stands out for using a design with strokes and little colours, allowing companies to enhance the colours, shapes and fonts of their brand, turning these animated pieces into a great tool to create branding campaigns.

With an appropriate strategy and our high-quality drawn videos, it will be easy to convert your leads into satisfied customers.

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Why should I choose Operary?

Because creativity involves distinguishing yourself from the competition.
We give you 4 reasons to trust us (Click on the titles to read more):

We create videos tailored to our customers. Each job is a new challenge for our team and we always try to exceed your expectations with creative and original videos.

Drawn videos are especially useful for communicating complex ideas requiring a detailed explanation. We create original and easy-to-remember stories so your audience can understand the messages effortlessly.

Hundreds of companies around the world have already benefited from our video scribing services, such as Banco Santander, Bayer, Caser, Porsche, Triodos Bank and Kern Pharma, to name a few.

After making an extensive study of our competitors we feel we can proudly assure that we offer the best quality/price ratio on the market. Do you not believe us? We will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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Whiteboard animation advantages


Hand drawn videos explain an idea in a simple, clean and attractive way through stories that are capable of communicating any message in an entertaining way.


They keep the viewer’s mind active. When the final shape of the drawing is revealed to us, the brain releases dopamine, increasing our attention.

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These videos are largely shared by users (up to 3 times more than others). Besides, they allow viewers to retain 15% more information than ordinary videos.

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Video Scribing is perfect to add a touch of humour to your videos, making them more entertaining and fun for your audience.


Content memorisation is better when what is seen and heard converges, generating a lasting impression on the viewer.

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When we see an explanation on a blackboard, we assume it will take some time to develop. That’s why the scribing video is perfect for more detailed explanations.

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