We help you transform complex topics into entertaining and easy-to-understand whiteboard videos. Gain more visibility, capture leads, and increase conversation rates.

Custom whiteboard animation


Whiteboard animation videos can establish an emotional bond with your audience through storytelling.

They are ideal for educational purposes, product demonstrations, branding campaigns, internal communications, and much more!

Tell us your idea, and we’ll help you create a custom video that meets your goals.


Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to create a clear message aligned with your brand’s goal.

For us, quality is essential. That’s why our team will design an attractive and personalized whiteboard animation video for your business from scratch.

Connect with your audience. Make it easy, say it clear.

Custom Animation


Check out our portfolio, discover our video styles, and get inspired for your next project!

If you need something different, please tell us your idea, and we will offer you an effective solution.


Whiteboard animation videos always keep the viewer’s mind active. When the final image of the drawing is revealed, our brains release dopamine, increasing our attention span.

In addition, when explanations are done on a whiteboard, we assume that the explanation will take time. Therefore, this style of video is perfect for more detailed explanations.

The price of whiteboard video animations depends on several factors: the length of the piece, production deadlines, complexity of the design, the type of animation, etc. However, a one-minute custom whiteboard video costs between 1100€ and 1500€.

We assure you that it is an investment that, if executed correctly, you will earn back with significant interest.

Brands spend thousands promoting their products and services in formats that have become obsolete or are not as effective for their business model.

However, video has proven to be effective for any stage of your marketing funnel; educating and informing customers, accompanying them through the sales process, and keeping them loyal to the brand.

Do you struggle to get customers and retain them? Do you feel that your current marketing efforts are not enough to achieve your marketing goals?

Our whiteboard animation video team is ready to help you and make it work! Get in touch today.

The production time depends on the length of the piece. For example, to produce a 1-minute whiteboard custom video, we need about 17 working days.

Add to this the time needed to make changes, and you also have to take into account how quickly the client responds.