In the last few hours, both you and a high percentage of your customers might have used social networks to source information, entertainment, inspiration, etc.

Social media is a pretty interesting channel that companies can use to connect with their audience, showing a more human side of their brand.

However, social media has become very demanding. Your audience is maverick and expects you to bring them quality content. And as if that were not enough, more and more competitors are trying harder to get their attention.

To escape the noise, it is necessary to go outside the box, go further and think of new ways to surprise and stand out with innovative, creative, and fresh formats.

And this is where I tell you how to turn animated explainer videos into your best ally. Let’s start by talking about why they are so popular and effective.

Animated explainer videos give you freedom. They allow you to present products, services, or ideas related to your business creatively and innovatively. That is the key. There are no limits. You can make the ordinary extraordinary.

If you do it right, animated videos will help you position yourself as a company with a different feeling.

But in what ways can you use animated explainer videos on social media?

Let’s look at some ideas!


Let’s say you’ve made a fantastic animated explainer video for your business. You post it on your website, share it on social networks, send it to your customers, but that’s it. Why not make the most of that content?

Extract chunks of that video and convert them into attractive animated GIFS.

GIFs are animated images, often used to express an emotion or mood in a fun and entertaining way. Therefore, they tend to generate a more emotional connection with the audience compared to static images.

Many of the most popular memes on social media come in the form of animated GIFS, and as it is a fun and easy to share format, they have a high probability of going viral.

Use animated GIFs to:

  • Highlight the essential features of your products, services, or ideas. It’s a smart way for your target audience to get to know your brand more closely and what you offer.
  • Create infographics. Good content and some simple animations are enough to make engaging animated infographics that catch people’s attention.
  • Teach how to do something. Animated GIFs are an excellent educational tool. Use them to teach your followers how to do something step by step related to your business or sector easily and quickly.


When creating paid campaigns on social media, companies spend a lot of effort to segment their audience to make sure the message reaches the right people. But people are very saturated with seeing ordinary and intrusive marketing ads.

To break that barrier, when promoting your products and services, use animated explainer videos to create original and innovative posts.

And, do you know the best thing of all? The video is 100% measurable.

To determine the success of a social media campaign, it is essential to measure its results. Video metrics vary depending on the social network we’re working with.

If you want to know more about that, we recommend reading the post: Top Metrics and statistics for your video marketing campaigns.

Video marketing statistics


We all love stories. Many of us are obsessed with movies, documentaries, cartoons… and animated videos are a super entertaining way to create and promote your brand’s stories.

You can create an animated video miniseries to showcase the solutions your brand offers regarding your audience’s problems, with an emotional focus to make a more significant impact.

Remember that people do not buy products or services; they buy solutions to their problems.

Also, you can use video storytelling to clearly show your brand’s values and offer customers an experience around those values.

The only limit is your imagination. Just make sure you create memorable, fun, and entertaining stories.


Launching a new product or service on social media is an excellent opportunity to gain brand visibility, attract new followers, connect with them and turn them into customers.

People appreciate creativity. If your explainer video has an engaging style with a unique touch, rest assured that your audience will enjoy and interact more with the content you’re offering them.

Animation can be the perfect ingredient that gives the most flavor to your content plan. Create an unforgettable impression combining creativity, innovation, and fun.


As a final tip, keep in mind that, because people’s attention span is much lower on social media, we recommend your animated explainer videos:

  • Are brief and direct.
  • AutoPlay, and grab your attention from the first second.
  • Deliver content that truly creates value for the audience.
  • Avoid being intrusive.


In a market saturated with ordinary template videos, at Operary, we help you achieve that authenticity necessary to create the wow factor in your audience.

Tell us more about your business, and we’ll advise you on which content strategy is ideal for your business in accordance with your goals.

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